Get cloaked up, have your wands at the ready and step into the magical
wizard world of The Cow Dalbury in celebration of one of our favourite wizard!

Sip on potions and feast upon all sorts of weird and wonderful treats
inspired by the Harry Potter series.

ALL muggles are invited!

Harry Potter Themed Afternoon Tea Menu*

Fawkes the Phoenix sand’witch’ 
Mrs Weasley’s corned beef sand’witch’ 
Pumpkin pasties 
Hagrid’s horrible rock cakes 

—- x —-

Transfiguration potion

—- x —-

Lemon cake pops
Butterbeer shot glass 
Honeydukes candy floss cupcake
Demented chocolate 
Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans 

—- x —-

Fizzing whizbees 


~ £20 per person ~

To book please call our team on:
0 1 3 3 2   8 2 4 2 9 7 or click here.

*This is a Harry Potter themed occasion and is in no way purported to be an official Harry Potter event, endorsed or authorised by the Authors, licence holders or producers of the Harry Potter series of books and films.